9 Most Popular People on Internet in 2015

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Who were the most popular people on the Internet in 2015? 

Queen of pop, legendary Madonna, once said:

“Popularity comes and goes. You need to know who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re here.”

And, she was right. Popularity doesn’t last long for everybody. There are cases of people who became the world-recognized, only after their death, and the people who were popular while alive but became even more so, after they’ve died. There are also people, who became popular because of some unplanned and unusual event, but soon after it, they were forgotten. You can never guess, what will catch the attention of the public eye, and how long can someone stay at the top!

9 Most Popular People on Internet in 2015

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That’s why celebrities are doing all kinds of crazy stuff, passionately wanting to stay popular. Some of them are so eager to be noticed all the time that they actually enjoy having paparazzi around them, and they would do almost anything to be the most talked-about person. There are those who don’t believe in the negative publicity.

Of course, there are others who are much more bothered by the other side of the medal called popularity. And that other side is the one that affects their private life badly. Oh, well, I guess, like everything in life, saying yes to something just means saying no to something else. And saying yes to popularity means saying no to living in peace, and having your privacy. You can’t have it both ways.

And, with the advancement of the technology, following celebrities has become easier than ever. Even the regular people can now follow their favorite actors and singers, just by subscribing to one of their social accounts. And, as for paparazzi, it is easier for them too. With the cameras they offer these days on the market, it has never been easier to take a picture of someone and make it available to the entire world. Speaking of cameras, don’t forget to check our article on 7 easiest cameras to use for seniors.

Back on the topic! People who are on out list below, are not the ones who are running away from attention. If so, they wouldn’t be having all these accounts on different social networks. They need popularity because that is part of their job. So, what do you think – who dominated the Internet last year?

In order to determine who were the most popular people on the Internet in 2015, we decided to use popular social networks as our criteria. Hence, we used similar lists that show which celebrities were most popular last year on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As you can see, this list for Facebook, includes celebrities that are not among us anymore, and we didn’t want to include them, so we’ve taken into account the celebrities next in line from this year. Since the numbers of followers are very big, chances are those who are among the top 10 most popular live celebrities on Facebook in 2016, were the same in 2015.  Each celebrity was assigned with 5 points for every list on which appeared (only people who were among the top 10 were counted). Two more points were assigned if the person was also present on the Time’s list of the 30 Most influential people on the Internet from March 2015. We also wanted to include the list of the Top 10 most googled people in 2015, but there were no matches with the people we found to be most popular on social networks. And we find those social networks to be the best parameter for how much is a person truly popular on the Internet. (Keep in mind that people who have the same number of points are randomly placed and they can easily switch spots.) The maximum point each celebrity could get in our popularity count is 17, and only two people on our list have it. Interested to know who they are?

Then, let’s  finally check them out, shall we?

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