9 Biggest Gay Pride Parades in the World

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Where can we find the most fun and biggest gay pride parades in the world? LGBT (an acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender to describe a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation) pride is celebrated every year to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in the month of June.

Became the tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement Stonewall riots, the Stonewall riot is a sequence of fierce protests and violent rally against police attacks of the gay community who confronted an anti-homosexual legal system. These intense and forceful raids in Stonewall Inn, a popular leisure pub and entertaining bar in Manhattan, New York where the gays hang out together, has been a major icon in the LGBT pride since then.


Usually celebrated on the last Sunday of June, the purpose of the gay pride which is attended by millions to participate in the fun parades, concerts, workshops, picnics and symposia are to memorialize the members of the gay community who lost their lives to HIV/AIDS and hate crimes. The Gay Pride festivity is also held every year for other people to be aware of and distinguish the influence and impact of the LGBT folks on the local, national and international history.

What are you expecting to see in a gay pride parade? Many parades differ depending on what countries, religious, or political surroundings you are in. In some cities that are free and tolerant, the parades take adopts Mardi-Gras-like festivals. This comprises of huge floats of drag queens and dancers with flashy music. Everyone is invited to take part in any gay pride parade.

Now let’s find out the 9 biggest gay parades in the world and have some fun! You might also want to check out The 10 Most Gay-Friendly Countries in the World, a list compiled to take a look at our picked countries’ behavior regarding homosexuality.

Let the countdown begin:

9. Madrid Gay Parade

When: July 1st to 5th, 2015

The Madrid Gay Pride also called “Madrid Orgullo” is the largest gay parade in Spain and the biggest parades in Europe with thousands of visitors. There will be a Kluster Party on July 4 at Chango in Calle de Covarrubias 42 with DJ Ben Manson of Paris and Marcelo y Domingo.


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