9 Best Cooking Classes in Long Island

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Whether you already know how to cook, but are just looking to learn some new skills from professionals, or are just thinking about quitting take out food and starting to cook yourself, we thought these best cooking classes in Long Island would do you good.

Long Island is a large area, and it’s where a huge chunk of the New York population lives. Since many people already commute to work to Manhattan and other areas that are farther away, we thought it would be nice to find some classes that are closer to home this time around. If you live on Long Island, it’s more convenient to attend date night cooking classes in long island than in Manhattan.

Best Cooking Classes in Long Island

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Cooking in your own home is, of course, a lot cheaper than going to the restaurant or grabbing take out, and it’s also a lot healthier since you know what ingredients you’re putting in there. Whatever the reasons you have for seeking cooking classes, we can only applaud you for the step.

If you’re trying to improve your health and your diet, as well as your wallet’s state, then cooking on your own is certainly the way to go. Not only will you know exactly what ingredients you’re using and make healthier choices, but you’re also going to save quite a bit of money at the end of the day. Sure grocery shopping is expensive too, but no place that sells you food will do it by losing any money, so it’s safe to assume you’re paying at the very least twice as much as it cost to make it. Plus, when you make food, you might even end up making enough to take with you to lunch the second day or maybe to skip cooking dinner the next evening.

In order to create our list today, we went to Class Curious, a site that puts together various classes, including cooking ones, as well as the classic Google to see what came up. In the end, we ranked the classes by the price they demand per class, but you should keep in mind that the duration varies from location to location. Without further ado, here are the 11 best cooking classes in Long Island.

9. Rustik Cake Studio

Because we can never have enough sweets, we’re going to start off with Rustik Cake Studio where you’ll learn to make the most amazing desserts. Located on 13 Willow Street, Central Islip, in Long Island, the studio offers a wide range of classes.

Some of these are fit for beginners, such as the cake pops class which costs $20, while others are clearly dedicated to more advanced users. For instance, there’s a class on flowers and cake designs going for $80, another on fondant and sharp edges, going for $130, but there’s also a class on vintage lace cake, which lasts for two days, eight hours each, which costs $521.

There’s also a class for children involving cupcake decorating, which costs $45 and is directed at kids ages 6 to 11. As with all similar classes, all you need to do is show up as everything will be covered.

Best Cooking Classes in Long Island

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