8 Smartphones with Best Loudspeakers

With the rocketing popularity of Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, it’s hard not to ask about bigger smartphone screens or smartphones with best loudspeakers for the best viewing, listening or gaming experience. Phones with amazing audio quality are hard to come by nowadays, which is why we have decided to conduct a little research for you. Whether you want to enjoy your audio e-books with crystal clear sounds without earphones or share your music with friends at a house party, having an amazing smartphone with the best loudspeakers will definitely boost your listening experience. But, which smartphone will you pick?

8 Smartphones with Best Loudspeakers


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To come up with this list of 8 smartphones with best loudspeakers, we’ve tracked most sought-after review sites like Phone Arena, WhatHiFi, The Verge as well as blogs that went through actual technical tests to prove the ability of these phones and their hi-fi speakers. There are a lot of things to consider when determining the leading phones, and we made an effort to provide you with the absolute best when one of the main factors is the quality of their loudspeakers. We’re sharing 8 models here and laying out all the good things and low downs about each product so you can definitely decide better.

8. Google Nexus 6P

What a way to begin, with the Google Nexus 6P entering our list of smartphones with best loudspeakers. This phone boasts dual speakers which are placed in front of the phone, and easily makes gaming and movie streaming a feast. What can catch you back is probably distorted sound when you max out the volume. A slight deterioration can be audible, which doesn’t make it great for maximum volume playing. Nonetheless, it has one of the loudest volumes when compared to the rest of the batch.

8 Smartphones with Best Loudspeakers