8 Places to Visit in Vietnam Before You Die

There are so many place to visit in Vietnam before you die, many come here with the intentions of staying until they feel like they’re finished exploring rather than having a set schedule. It’s easy to get stuck in Vietnam, because as you travel around, rather than shortening your list, it only grows longer and longer. For every place you check off, you add two or three more. That’s the travelers life though, always experiencing new places, but never shortening their lists.

Well, Vietnam is no different. Expect to have a magical time, and feel safe too. Just use proper precautions, like you would in many other cities, keep your belongs close, and staying away from any known trouble areas, and you will be fine. There are plenty of places to visit in Vietnam that before you die, so you can focus on your travels rather than worrying.

There are many popular travel destinations in Asia, it’s really hard to make time for them all. Good thing Vietnam has a bit of everything. You will be enchanted by the important historical sites and ancient buildings. The incredible temples and hillside villages will be breathtaking, and the beaches and vistas of the coast will make you never want to leave. All the while you will be surely noshing on some of the country’s favorite dishes and experiencing new flavors along the way. If it’s culture, beauty, delicious tastes, history, and relaxation you want, Vietnam provides it all.

It’s a bit difficult to say this is a complete list of the places in Vietnam, it’s surely not. However with this list, you will get to experience the main draws and cities of the country, and you can feel free to wander around further from these hot spots to get to know it better. Let’s start your Vietnam adventures with this for now…


8. Ho Chi Minh City

This is the capital of the south. This megapolis will be an exciting, and at times, chaotic scene. It provides its visitors with some excellent shopping opportunities, modern and historic places of interest, and then a thriving nightlife scene.