8 Most Expensive Holiday Destinations in Europe

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So I bet you’re wondering what the most expensive holiday destinations in Europe are, right? OK, well, maybe you’re thinking about it now. I know that most like to try and save a buck or two while they plan out their holidays, so these places might not appeal to you if that’s more your style. These places are for the travelers who are ready to spend an extra few euros or pounds to see a fantastic city, they want to splurge, and they are ready to relish in the luxury. Yes, they are worth it, they are fantastic, amazing, breathtaking, vibrant…all of these cities are totally going to be worth those extra trips to the ATM.

These spots will provide you some of the world-class retailers, and restaurants that you would expect, so we’re hoping you’re ready to shop and are hungry. Culture? Absolutely, some of these cities are the cultural capital. Need some refreshing scenery besides the mega concrete jungle? Yep, you will get that here, too.


Museums, galleries, nightlife that last hours, friendly locals, and tons more perks are what make these destinations so spectacular. Oh, yes, and expensive. But with that will come rich and memorable experiences, experiences like you’ve never had, and sights and activities to delve in all day. You won’t get bored, just leave before your account hits zero.

Stop worrying about these being some of the most expensive holiday destinations, and just go and have fun. Here are some of the most expensive holiday destination in Europe, grab your wallet and get your travel agent ready…

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