8 Less Harmful Cigarette Brands in US and UK

Let’s see what are some of the less harmful cigarette brands in US and UK, if there are any at all.

Not surprisingly, some of the top cigarette brands in the world, such as Marlboro, Newport or Camel are far from the safest cigarette brands. But, today we’ll try to switch our focus onto those less harmful cigarette brands. So, what are the cigarettes that are the least harmful anyway? What makes them healthier? Are light cigarettes really lighter and better for your health? Well, it seems they are not, as the National Cancer Institute explains. That is because there are 4,000 to even 5,000 chemicals in these cigarettes apart from tar and nicotine, the most (in)famous and feared substances, many of which can, and do, cause cancer.

8 Less Harmful Cigarette Brands in US and UK


This also stands for the rolled cigarettes, since many people in the UK believe tobacco and rolling cigarettes are healthier than normal cigarette packs. But, unfortunately, this isn’t true. Ultra-light cigarette brands (such as Marlboro Ultra-Lights, Pall Mall Ultra-Lights, or any other) are also not a much better option. Even though they taste lighter, milder and therefore safer, many researches have shown that they are not less harmful to our health than regular cigarettes.  And the last but not the least, if you are looking for the least harmful menthol cigarettes, you should be aware that not even “all natural” menthol or herbal cigarettes are any safer than other cigarettes. If you are still eager to find your best option for smoking cigarettes then carefully read our article on 5 Healthiest Cigarettes with the Least Chemicals). And, in the end, it seems that smoking is harmful in whatever shape the cigarettes come out.

By the way, you can watch the video below to find out 7 cigarette brands that contain the lowest tar and nicotine.

So, apart from all those 4-5,000 substances, if you are looking for some of the best low tar cigarettes and low nicotine cigarettes brands in general, you can check them in our article on 7 Cigarette Brands with Lowest Tar and Nicotine (which is a good overview of the low nicotine content in cigarettes by brand in 2017).

There is no safe and less harmful cigarette (therefore a list of the most unhealthy cigarette brands would be a long one), as we have learned. But we had to start our research from somewhere. What is the best strategy to apply to solve this problem then? There is no particular research that indicates which substance in cigarettes is the most harmful. So, as the most important factor in looking for the less harmful cigarette brands in the US and UK, we took tar and nicotine levels as the main comparison element. But why tar in particular, since there are so many other substances in cigarettes that affect health? Because tar is found in every kind of cigarettes and as much as 70% of inhaled tar remains in the lungs of a smoker; whereas nicotine is the main substance responsible for addiction. There are, however, some researches which state that low nicotine cigarettes are not such a good idea since nicotine addicts would seek for nicotine in other places.

For comparison of tar and nicotine levels in the UK and US cigarette brands, we have used the results of the research on tar, nicotine and CO content in cigarettes for 2007, as well as results of the research found on SmokEndersOnline. And, finally, on KiwiCigs and CigreViews we have double checked the brands that are on our list.

So, even though low tar and nicotine levels do not make a cigarette completely safe, we think that by these parameters that can be made a selection of less harmful cigarette brands in US and UK. And, here it is: