8 Easiest Olympic Sports to Qualify For

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If you hadn’t been practicing any sports since you were a child (i.e., not have much experience in sports), maybe you would be interested to find out which easiest Olympic sports to qualify for are. And if you are not that competitive and not interested in preparing for the Olympics these could also be good and easiest sports to start late.

It is never late to start with a physical activity. It is also highly recommended for maintaining good health, of course. And here we are not talking about the professional sport. Preparing for the Olympics, on the other hand, requires more preparation, and should be taken more seriously, even if you are looking for the least physically demanding Olympic sport.

Easiest Olympic Sports to Qualify For


There are around 30 sports that are included in the Olympic games, and the number varies from season to season. The first Olympics included only nine. The next Tokyo Olympics 2020 will have 33 sports included (with newly added sports – climbing, surfing, and skateboarding). But since we are here to see some of the easiest Olympic sports to qualify for, we will not take in mind some of the most physically demanding Olympic sports such as decathlon, marathon or boxing. We will simply reconsider what is the easiest sport to go pro in.

If you already gave some non-professional sports preferences, like playing basketball or football in the free time, take in mind that group sports might be a good opportunity if you sneak into an easy position (and for some ideas you might check the 5 Easiest Football Positions to Get a College Scholarship).

Anyway, we have done some research here to give you some ideas about the easiest Olympic sports to qualify for. Taking in mind both summer and winter Olympics, we have sought our answers in many places, mostly looking for opinions of sportsmen and general experiences. So we got some info from Quora, Splinter news, Reddit, Gawker, Letsrun and Stuff. We did try to look for the easiest ones, but it did not include the search for the cheapest Olympic sports on one hand and the stupid stuff like four-man synchronized horseshoes.

But anyway, if you decide to qualify for the Olympics, at least be decent. Don’t mess up with the dopings and stuff like that would put you on the blacklist of the 11 Biggest Olympic Scandals of All Time. For qualifying for the Olympics you will need patience, devotion, and time no matter how easy a sport might appear, work for it as if you would be working for the hardest Olympic sport. So, let’s check these easiest Olympic sports to qualify for:

8. Rowing

Since rowing is a team sport it is kind of easier to qualify for this Olympic sport. You will need a lot of cardio sessions in the gym, and a lot of practice as well, but if you are devoted enough, or already have physical predispositions it is a good choice.

Easiest Olympic Sports to Qualify For

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