8 Countries that Produce The Most Solar Energy in The World

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The world’s reliance on environmentally-unfriendly fuels may not have come to an end despite the urgent calls of environmentalists, but the renewable energy production and usage are increasing – as is proven by the likes of these 8 countries that produce the most solar energy in the world.

Solar energy is one of the most abundant sources available today; it is easily one of the cleanest and safest to use, there being hardly any dangers that come with harvesting and generating it. But while the supply remains abundant, harvesting it remains to be a mostly logistical challenge. For one, mass producing solar energy requires a lot of space. The other major challenge to solar energy production for mass usage is its cost. Unlike fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources, photovoltaic cells are still pretty expensive.

Countries that Produce The Most Solar Energy in The World


The good news is, despite these production challenges, some governments and private companies took bigger leaps than others, making large-scale solar energy production possible.

The figures we presented here are from the data of the International Energy Agency’s annual report, “Trends 2015 in Photovoltaic Applications”, the most complete and most recent data available. The countries are ranked according to their total energy capacity, measured in Megawatts. It does not show the type or storage method.

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