8 Countries that Produce The Most Models in The World

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With our 8 countries that produce the most models in the world, we are stepping onto a prettier side of the world. Although this list will be most appealing to the male side of our readers, we are sure women will enjoy it as well.

One thing is well worth mentioning. There are lots of different models, and they all specialize in a different kind of modeling. Models are there to look good of course, but also to sell the product they are advertising. We have fashion, glamour, fitness, bikini, fine art, body-part models, and one model mostly stays inside its own niche. For example, glamour and fitness models don’t usually mix, since different kind of attitude and physique is necessary for these two branches.

Countries that Produce The Most Models in The World

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If you think models just need to look pretty and get paid for it, you are deeply wrong. There is a lot of more than meets the eye. To be a model, a person needs to dedicate their whole life to that call. They have the special diet, they need to work out and be prepared for everything. Modeling is a harsh, cruel and competitive business that often takes its tool.

To illustrate the roughness of modeling, we will tell you that most models start their career at the age of 16 and that they have an average career of 5 years. Also, there is less money involved than you would expect. Average year salary is $32,929 which puts them below secretaries and flight attendants.

To determine the 8 countries that produce the most models in the world, we looked into data collected by Girl Model documentary that infiltrated into the closed models industry revealing some unknown facts. When it comes to the overall top model-producing countries, the United States, Brazil, and Russia hold the first three spots. The great number of models is also produced by the UK, Australia, Canada, and Netherlands. To give you a better image about producing ability of the countries, we decided to take the top producing countries per capita numbers for our list, rather than overall numbers.

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