8 Countries that Produce the Most Bottled Water in the World

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Thirsty for some info on water? Wondering which are the 8 Countries that Produce the Most Bottled Water in the World?

Drinking bottled water has become a feature of a healthy lifestyle and surely a recognizable sign of people who care about their health and the quality of the food they consume. Many countries in the world have clean water to take pride in and some of them have recognized the great opportunity to sell pure and clean water. You would particularly be in need if you didn’t live in one of the 12 Countries with the Cleanest Tap Water.

Some of these specific water brands have never been popular among the big exporters, while some of them were from countries without a popular industry or large infrastructure. But, it seems that having a source of natural and pure water is enough to increase the number of products which can be exported to other countries.

Finding the countries with the biggest production of bottled water for this list was not easy, because there are no statistic data about the bottle production of each country in the world. There is a list of the biggest exporters of bottled water in the world, but that research is from 2008, so it should be taken cautiously as the parameter for this list. More importantly, the country which sells most bottled water in the world does not necessarily have to be the country with the biggest production. We know that market rules determine the way how some product will be promoted all around the world, so defining a country which sells the most bottled water in the world is simply not enough for the conclusion that it’s also the largest producer of bottled water. However, you will notice that some countries on our list are also among the biggest exporters marked on the chart from 2008, as it is logical that that are some overlaps.

We found a list of the most popular water sellers with the highest profit in 2015. Many of those companies actually have facilities in many different countries, so we started from there. To make a more precise list, we took two lists from previous years and combined them with the first one. That provided us information about the companies with a long tradition and durability on the market, which is also a way to define the most popular and sold water in the world. The list of the most sold brands of bottled water contains the names of these companies (in this order) – Nestle, Hangzhou Wahaha Group, Danone, Apollinaris mineral water, Gerolsteiner mineral water, The Coca-Cola, Nonafu springs, Tingui Cayman Holding, Pepsi Co, Cr Beverages, Natural Water of Viti and Bisleri International.

Now, when we have all the relevant information, we consulted the manufacturers’ official sites about the countries where their companies produce bottled water and made a list of the countries with most producers of bottled water there. The number of producers had decided which country will be the higher place on the list, while in some specific cases, where two countries had the same numbers of companies, we included information from the chart from 2008 or the position on the list of most popular water in 2015. That’s, in short, a way how we came to the list of 8 countries that produce the most bottled water in the world.

Just for the fun of reading, you may want to compare this list with 12 Countries with the Cleanest Tap Water, to see if there are any overlaps.

Without further ado, let’s see what are the countries that produce the most bottled water in the world?

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