8 Best Smartphones In the World

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Is it on of the 8 best smartphones in the world always in your pocket or in your hand? We are living in a time when people are always striving for better, faster phones even though they will most likely never use them to their potential. However, few of us will push our devices to their limits with different apps and games. Although a lot of them are tailored to specific devices such as the ten top selling phones in the world, a little more power is always noticeable.

Even so, we should keep in mind that there is more than power to a smartphone. Some are absolutely a steal for their price, some are strong in certain aspects such as their display or camera. The world of smartphones is as versatile as the people that use them and every product has its own community who borderline worship it.

We can all agree that smartphones are way more “smart” than “phones” nowadays. People use them to boost their creativity, for entertainment, some even make a lifestyle or fashion statement through their device. These devices have evolved from being a means of connecting people who spend a lot of time on the go, to a special, high-tech personal assistant. Most of us have grown in times where having this was unheard of. If we still had the same mentality, smartphones to us would look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. However, as technology progresses, so does our ability to push the boundaries of our imagination and we push for better, more sophisticated consumer electronics.

With the advancement of technology, manufacturing costs go lower and lower. This allows people at the margin to experiment and find new ways to combine and use what technology already gives us today. All in all, this allows for an exponential improvement with every new model. While this is good in terms of pushing technology forwards, it makes every new model outperform the ones which were released literally months before it. This quickly makes your device redundant and if you want to keep up with the hype, you always have to upgrade. Here are the best smartphones in the world which will take more time to become completely useless.

8. Nexus 6 from Google

The current owner and main developer of Android – Google, have long been known for their line of exceptional devices. Known as “the pure Android experience”, the Nexus like sees the Nexus 6 as its current flagship.


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