8 Best Places To Visit in Nigeria Before You Die

There are numerous places to visit in Nigeria before you die, it’s certainly worth a visit on your African excursions. What interests you most? If it’s nature you crave, Nigeria is boasting evergreen rolling hills, to deserts landscapes, to hidden havens holding fresh water springs. There’s a lot more to this country than one would think.

One thing’s for certain, Africa usually holds some incredible wildlife, and Nigeria is no exception to the rule. Some of the world’s most endangered species call this place home and there are even sanctuaries dedicated to the preservation of these magnificent animals. Poachers won’t be able to get near these precious animals, but you can!

Igor Grochev/Shutterstock.com

Igor Grochev/Shutterstock.com

There are quite a few notable sights here, but people may be wondering if Nigeria is safe. It’s a valid question for any country, everyone should be concerned about their safety, but like many countries in the world, just use proper precautions and common sense. Do a bit of research and always check on current situations before embarking on your trip. Just take these steps and always have a cautious mind and your holidays here will be very enjoyable and safe.

So just like there are many places to visit in Guatemala before you die, Egypt, Russia, and Indonesia, too, you can visit without any worries beyond what’s necessary. So let’s find out what places to visit in Nigeria that are safe and beautiful…