8 Best Places to Visit in Middle East Before You Die

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The Middle East is the birthplace of various world religions including Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and here are some of the best places to visit in Middle East before you die. This particular area is very important both politically and economically. It is also a great tourist destination.

Ethnically, Middle East region is mixed with Persians, Turks and Arabs being the biggest groups. There are more than a few minorities such as the Armenians, Kurds and others who have their own unique languages and customs. The region also receives numerous workers from other regions that come to get higher pay.

Nearly all the countries here have a majority of Muslim people. The only exception to this rule is Israel, since most of the people are Jews. You should also have a look at the best places to visit in Israel before you die.


Countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan have several things in common with this region. The languages and ethnic groups may be different from the Middle East, but most of the architecture, clothing and food are relatively similar. Because of the diversity of the Middle East, this would make a great holiday destination for everyone across the world.

Visiting the Middle East is generally safe provided you adhere to the rules and research well in advance of going to your specific destination. The area may have a few social and religious tensions but still remains a very captivating location. It actually has some very breathtaking wonders and tourist sites.

Contrary to the news or what many people in the Western countries believe, it is safe to move around most parts of Middle East, especially Jordan, Turkey, Israel and UAE. Ensure you check out these best places to visit in Middle East before you die.

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