8 Best Places To Visit in Liberia Before You Die

There are more lovely places to visit in Liberia before you die than you think. It’s no secret that Liberia is not topping the lists of places people must-visit list, however if you are an adventurous traveler and literally every country is fair game for you, then you might just be moving this one up a few spaces.

Liberia is a great place to travel to because it’s quite full of surprises considering most people don’t have any expectations. The places to go here aren’t really known, so everything will come as a wonderful surprise. For example, if you’re big on fishing, but not on the crowds of people taking up “your” fishing space, there’s some excellent fishing opportunities here and the amount of boats near you will be sparse. Into adorable pygmy animals? Get a chance to see some here.

Peter Hermes Furian/Shutterstock.com

Peter Hermes Furian/Shutterstock.com

For more animal fun, you bet you can see heaps more wildlife, you are in Africa after all. Wander around the national parks, or take intrepid treks through mountains with views of the neighboring countries and untouched nature all around you. Lush rainforests, waterfalls, and wild animals are great, but when will you get a break? No worries, there are a few notable beaches that not only have plenty of room for you to chill out on, but water sports like surfing and diving are all fantastic out on these popular coastal towns.

So I bet you’re already a bit more curious about this country, aren’t you? Let’s find out what the best places to visit in Liberiabefore you die.