8 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan Before You Die

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Although a small country, there are many places to visit in Bhutan before you die. Not many think of this place as an holiday destination, but if you have the funds to obtain the visa (which isn’t cheap), then this will be an oasis getaway. It isn’t ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world for nothing. Perhaps it’s something to do with all the extremely prevalent spiritual vibes induced by the monasteries flanking the cliff sides, or the gorgeous views you might have the pleasure of seeing when visiting them? That or the fact that characters from Buddhism are believed to have walked these mountains, and mediated at these timeworn, yet gorgeous temples and reverberated the incredible culture that exists now.


The country is dotted and dashed with dzongs, which are incredible fortresses that are centuries old containing a complex of structures like temples, courtyards, and offices. Many of the famous ones are in absolutely breathtaking spots around the country, and certainly worth the feats to get there.

Bhutan is regarded as a safe country, but take your regular precautions and do your research prior to embarking on your trip. Bhutan is in a location that is close to other Asian countries that will provide an enriching holiday, some of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka before you die are good examples, India, Nepal and maybe even in the Maldives to end your vacation with some luxurious beaches could be a fantastic idea.

But I digress, let’s focus on the incredible places to visit in Bhutan before you die first before we go planning your Asian excursions. Be sure to check these spots out along your journeys…


8. Kurje Lhakhang

This important monastery is the resting spots for three former kings, the first three of the country. Not only that, but Guru Rinpoche, a character of significance in Buddhism, was said to have meditated here before and left imprints on rocks of himself. There are remarkable structures located here including a few temples stunningly adorned.

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