8 Best Countries For Kidney Transplant

It’s time to prep for surgery with the best countries for a kidney transplant. Kidney transplants are serious surgeries. Of course, any surgery is serious, but this is an important one. Maybe I’m just hyped up about them because I had kidney surgery when I was younger.

I was 5. It wasn’t a transplant it was a less serious kidney surgery, but I still remember everything about it. My surgeon, Dr. Sayageh, and my doctor used to check on me and each tried to beat their score in a tiny timed game of concentration someone had bought me as a gift. I don’t remember who won. I do remember watching Alice in Wonderland on CBS and being freaked out.

8 Best Countries For Kidney Transplant


As I said getting a kidney transplant isn’t a simple operation, and in order to finish it successfully, you need to address and go to a legit hospital which has top doctors. The average waiting time for a kidney from a deceased donor is 5 years, but, in many countries which are not developed the waiting time is up to 10 years–this of course if a very long wait. Believe it or not, there are also Countries Where You Can Legally Buy a Kidney or Other Organs, so I am guessing the waiting period there is much shorter.

If you have a kidney from a live donor you can start the transplantation right away, but if it is from a deceased person you should consider going to one of these countries to get a transplantation. In order to create our list, we considered a few things. We took information from Daily Telegraph for the best nephrologists, Medical Tourism for countries where you can get an effective kidney transplant, and What Clinic to see how many clinics are in the world and what score they have from how many people. We collected the information and found which are the best countries. Those countries which are mentioned the most in our sources were considered as the best and the list was sorted by the number of mentioning. Let’s see which are the best countries for a kidney transplant.