7 Worst Fonts to Avoid on Your Resume

Which are the worst fonts to avoid on your resume?

Picture this scenario – you’re fresh out of school or just out a job and want to apply to get a new way to earn money, so you need a resume. The first thing you need to do is avoid these fonts on the list below. 

There are countless fonts out there, many of them free, some of them available for purchase. There are so many good options to choose from that picking one that’s so bad is just poor judgment. Human resource specialists are none too happy when they find a resume written with these fonts for many reasons. They’re either hard to read, unprofessional-looking, or downright horrible.

7 Worst Fonts to Avoid on Your Resume

There’s also the situation where specialists are just sick of a certain font that’s been overused by anyone and everyone. Fonts like Times New Roman and Arial have been so overused that everyone is sick of them, they’ve lost a lot of their personality. On the other hand, they’re pretty much safe to use unless you’re looking for a more creative job, in which case your imagination has to shine through. Times New Roman and Arial have been included on our list of the 7 best fonts to use on your resume, but you should keep in mind that they are often quite controversial among HR specialists

In order to create our list, we took a look at various other sites, including Bloomberg, Monster and DesignSchool, to name a few. Depending on how often the fonts were mentioned, we created out ranking of the 7 worst fonts to avoid on your resume.