7 Ways to Stop Adblockers and Generate Income From Adblock Users

Having trouble finding ways to stop adblockers and generate income from adblock users? We have just the thing for you.

In the recent years, adblocking has become very popular, especially among the younger Internet users, who also happen to be one of the most targeted demographics in Internet marketing. In a survey done by PageFair and Adobe, in 2015, 41% of 18-29-year-old users were using adblockers. That resulted in staggering $21 billion of lost ad revenue in 2015, with projections of doubling in 2016. According to the MetaFact, in US, UK, and France, almost one-third of adult users employ adblocking in their daily activities. China with 49% and Brazil with 58% of adblocker users among the Internet-going adults are even placed higher on the list of countries with the highest numbers of adblock users. And to make matters worse, the people who use adblockers are the ones that are far more likely to spend money on the Internet. They buy more tech and have overall 56% higher shopping activity. In a nutshell, your best customers are refusing to take a look at your offer and you are left with just a bunch of window shoppers.

7 Ways to Stop Adblockers and Generate Income From Adblock Users


Ads are annoying. They are often intrusive and completely unrelated to the users in whose face they are pushed.  Not only that, they can be very dangerous and often serve as a delivery vessel for some of the most common online  threats we’re facing today. Malvertising campaigns, as they are affectionately called, have become a widespread occurrence, like the one involving Forbes, who asked their users to disable adblock in order to view their content. As soon as users obliged them, they were served with a pop under malware, infecting their computers.  For average users, using addblockers is almost a no-brainer, but (there’s always a but) there’s a larger picture to consider. Remember those $21 billion in lost ad revenue? What happens when your favorite sites start going offline because they just can’t afford to operate without that sweet AddSense money? Unless they find ways to stop adblockers and generate income from adblocker users, this is almost a certain future of the World Wide Web. Although not everyone agrees that adblockers are as harmful to the ad revenues as believed, they do agree that “the choice to disable our adblockers is not cost-free”

Regardless of that, all who depend on ad income will have to adapt to the new age. Here are some ways we discovered that can help you generate income for the adblock users. Hopefully, you will find them useful.