7 Smartphones with the Largest Screens in India

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When you consider the smartphones with the largest screens in India, it’s mind-boggling to think about how much mobile devices have evolved and adapted in the past decade.  There was a time in the not too distant past when razor-thin flip phones dominated the market in nearly every measurable metric and were a must-have for anyone who was anyone.  A few years down the line, these seemingly indispensable devices were one-upped by Blackberry mobile devices as users began to make the transition toward having cell phones assume additional roles beyond making phone calls and transmitting SMS texts.  Cuff link clad corporate executives with paisley ties and wing-tipped shoes were ubiquitous everywhere from airports to pro sports games, feverishly mashing tiny protruding buttons on their black or midnight blue mobile devices while masking the delight they felt at being owners of cutting-edge mobile technology with peeved facial expressions, as if to say “I’m really ticked off about having to answer these emails, but I’m an important business person and I must do this.”  

Fast-forward a couple of years later and phones with keypads–buttons of any kind, really–had been replaced entirely with devices whose entire operating systems were carried out through the mere touch of a screen.  What’s more, what was once a mere dual function device had morphed into an unrecognizable tech mutation offering as many possibilities to the user as there was storage space for apps.

7 Smartphones with Largest Screens in India

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This technological timeline is all a means of pointing out that the function of mobile devices continues to shift with time, constantly shedding its old, frumpy skin for a new, more all-encompassing coat before many users even get used to the capabilities of the older model.  With all of the possibilities available to owners of today’s most sophisticated devices, it’s become relatively safe to say that in addition to a calling tool, we now walk around with a computer, television, camera, and stereo encased in one tidy, handheld package.  

With that functionality in mind, and with an eye toward the future, it’s worthwhile to consider larger smartphones as an option for mobile activities moving forward.  Heck, depending on how you choose to use your device, you may even want to consider investigating markets for Smartphones With the Largest Screens.

Certainly, changes such as these, going from a small phone to a large one isn’t without its drawbacks.  Bigger phones are often too big to fit in your pockets, can be bulky and cumbersome to hold to your ear for extended periods of time and, with their bigger batteries, can take a longer time to charge.  However, these massive mobile devices also offer considerable advantages to users looking to get more out of their smartphones.  

That same massive battery that takes forever to charge will last you exponentially longer than would the battery of a comparably smaller phone.  When browsing content, whether it be a news article, social media feed, or stock option positions, a larger screen enables you to view more content at once, enabling you to analyze, compare, contrast, and even speed read without having to constantly toggle back and forth between multiple windows.  Further still, the screen touch process becomes instantaneously more accurate as icons for apps, links, and the like are larger, making it easier to select what you want, rather than accidentally hitting the wrong button because of screen constraints.  

And we haven’t even mentioned multimedia.  Movies, pictures, videos, you name it: they all look better with the enhanced viewing experience that phones with large screens afford their users.  Mobile device owners no longer have to concern themselves with squinting their eyes to make out the finer details of a family picture sent to them, as a big screen phone presents the image in a larger, more clear format that’s easily accessible to anyone.

Taking all of this into account, perhaps it’s time you made the change to a large screen device.  To do that, we’ve compiled a list of smartphones with the largest screens in India using information from a collection of reliable retailers so that you can find what suits your needs the best and upgrade your mobile experience.  Whether you’re a permanent resident or merely exploring the sub-continent, take a moment to check out these “phablets” and see if one might be right for you.

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