7 Serial Killer Documentaries on YouTube

If you are looking to watch something that will keep you up at night, check out our list of serial killer documentaries on YouTube. Just make sure you send your kids to the other room since you don’t want to pay for therapy sessions.

You probably know that a serial killer is a person that has committed two or more murders, during a longer period of time, at separate locations. Such killings during the war circumstances are not part of the serial killings and are regarded as war crimes. The motivations of serial killers vary. They can decide to go on a killing spree due to childhood trauma, rejection, and hate. But most people turn to serial killing due to the sense of power and control that killing gives them.

7 Serial Killer Documentaries on YouTube


According to Radford University/FGCU Serial Killer Database, the thrill, lust, and power are most common motives of serial killers, being expressed by 36.86% of all serial killers in the world and 31.76% of serial killers in the United States. When it comes to the United States, the country has the highest number of serial killers in history with 3,204. The number was calculated using function between numbers of actual serial killers, those reported and those caught. California is the state that has seen the largest number of serial killer victims, while 1987 was the year with most serial killers operating in the United States. Before we continue with the list, if you prefer watching documentaries in a better quality and don’t mind spending some money on that, check out our list of 15 Best Serial Killer Documentaries on Amazon Prime, Hulu, And Netflix.

In order to come up with a list of serial killer documentaries on YouTube, we took recommendations from multiple sources including Dark Documentaries. After that, we checked if they are available on YouTube in full. Those that were available were then ranked according to their IMDb rating. Let’s take a look.