7 Richest Countries in Africa by 2015 GDP

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Whenever people think about Africa, they do not normally think about the richest countries in Africa by 2015 GDP. Rather, what they think about are the poorest countries there that are in dire need of help from other countries all over the world. There are some countries  in Africa that are considered to be rich especially when compared to other neighboring countries, but the amount of money that they have can still be incomparable to the richest countries in the world by 2015  GDP.

Richest Countries in Africa by 2015 GDP


There are some people who are not aware that Africa is actually one of the biggest continents in the world. It contains about 54 countries. Although most of these states are suffering from very poor treatments wherein they almost have no food and almost no clean drinking water, there are still some areas that are quite well off.

Africa is a continent that is rich in various minerals that other countries in different continents would just covet to have but the main problem with Africa is the corrupt government plus the way that people think makes them more compliant of their current way of living. A lot of people in Africa are able to live with less than $1 every day.

In this list of the richest countries in Africa by 2015 GDP, the rankings are based on the Gross Domestic Product that people get for the year and this is divided by the total market of the goods and services that are readily provided for them. Here are the richest countries in Africa:

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