7 Rarest Most Expensive Video Games in The World

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Hurry up, get your old video games collection from the attic and check out if you have one of the 7 rarest most expensive video games in the world. If you do, we want our cut delivered in Oreos and Cheetos.

Today we have Steam, Origin, PSN and numerous other ways to get any video game we want. You select the game, money gets charged from your credit card, and you play the game on your PC or console. The physical editions of video games are becoming more and more neglected and have only a small collection value, at least when it comes to new games. No one is ready to go out and visit the game shop when they can do everything from the comfort of their home.

Today, you can virtually play any video game in the history of video games. If you know your way around the web, there isn’t a game that can’t be downloaded or played in some way. So the value or the rarity of the games isn’t in their availability to play them, but availability to own the physical copy of the game. It is hard to determine what makes a game both rare and expensive, but the consensus is that the rarity of the video game depends on the availability of the copies, but that doesn’t necessarily make the game expensive. For the game to be expensive, it has to be both rare and in high demand.

The condition of the game takes this on a whole new level. If the game has any damage at all, the price will become much lower. Also, if the video game is rare, in demand and in the original seal, the price will skyrocket. Of course, if you don’t take video games so seriously, you are welcomed to check out our list of 11 Best Zombie Video Games of All Time.

Since the question of rare and expensive games is a complex one, we decided to form two lists. One had the 10 most expensive games based on the price they were sold for and other had the 10 games that had the smallest number of copies available. We gave each game on both lists points from one to ten, summed them up and listed top seven. Sources we used for the information about the games include Mental Floss and Racket Boy among others. So, check our list of rarest most expensive video games in the world:

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