7 Poorest Countries in Asia by 2015 GDP

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It is only common that in some continents, there are poor countries as well like the poorest countries in Asia by 2015 GDP. In a very large continent like Asia, it may be expected that all of the countries there will thrive the same way. The results of their GDP have shown otherwise. Some of the countries in Asia are so rich that they are already part of the list of richest countries in the world by 2015 GDP but there are still some countries that are struggling to become better.

Poorest Countries in Asia by 2015 GDP

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There are different reasons why some countries in Asia are not keeping up with other rich Asian countries. One main cause is over population. Asia is overly populated which makes it harder for some families to give the type of lifestyle that can be considered comfortable in their country. Another main problem is corruption. Some countries in Asia are rich in natural resources but are not being given enough attention because the government is corrupt. This ends up with riches not being properly distributed among the citizens.

Some of the countries in the list are still developing which means that they have bigger and better chances of being able to recover from their current problems and improve in the future but there are also some countries on this list that are a long way from having the comfort and luxury that each person deserves. Here is a list of the poorest countries in Asia by 2015 GDP.

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