7 Places to Visit in Switzerland Before You Die

There are several places to visit in Switzerland before you die that should spark your interest. The safety of these areas should be of no question. While being cautious in certain situations would, of course, be something to be aware of, Switzerland is a very peaceful country. One of its cities isn’t called the “Capital of Peace” for nothing.

Featuring numerous glamorous vistas of the world famous Alps to shopping at first class shopping malls, Switzerland just might have it all. Should you feel like a glimpse at some of the bordering countries, Engadin St. Moritz would be able to accomplish just that with its melting pot of influences. Of course, fresh powder on some of the country’s best slopes is a desired catch on a winter sport getaway, and nobody can beat a nice glass of wine paired with some of the scrumptious local fare.



Get close with local customs and traditions, it can vary from city to city, and appreciate the authenticity and heritage that shines through the architecture and locale. If you’re someone who fancies art, or just indulging in the art of drinking a few custom cocktails, you will be surprised at the happening scene that can be found here.

Switzerland is just one more country you can add to your list of places to see in Europe before you die. It would be a crying shame to leave his gem out of the picture. So grab whomever it is that you will be going on holiday with and get ready for an incredible time visiting these best places  to visit in Switzerland before you die.


7. Zermatt

Behold one of the most photographed mountain scenes in the world. As you can imagine this is a hot tourist spot, but not just for the gorgeous mountain village views, but for the excellent skiing and hiking. Are you coming in the summer? It’s OK because these peaks feature snow all year round. There are some national ski teams that actually keep up with their sport during the summer months here.