7 Most Sexually Active Presidents in American History

Happy Birthday, Mr. President, it’s time for the 7 most sexually active presidents in American history. 

I remember the Bill Clinton sex scandal like it was yesterday.  Redefining words like “sex’ and “is.”  This was definitely a landmark in American history, even if no one really wanted or wants it to be.  I mean, I certainly don’t.

That man and his saxophone–we probably should’ve seen it coming. Anyone who has that kind of chemistry with a wind instrument, well, you just have to keep an eye on them.  I would know, I played the saxophone for nearly two weeks.

According to Monica Lewinsky, the affair was consensual, although there is seemingly no way the power dynamic between a boss and subordinate, let alone The President and an intern–did not come into play.  Of course, the fallout from the consensual, two-sided and unprofessional affair burdened the woman much more so than the man. But that’s politics, and America, and literally everything except for male-pattern baldness.

But not all Presidential sex is scandalous. Some of it is just sexy and most of it is probably gross. We’re not talking about Scandal’s Fitz or even The West Wing’s Martin Sheen–not all of these guys are Barack Obama and JFK.

7 Most Sexually Active Presidents in American History


Still, President’s shy from any romantic limelight for the most part; they understandably want to keep their private lives… what’s the word? Private.  Aside from Presidential candidate’s making out with their wives. Political rating is the very important thing in politics. Sometimes the can be a lot of goodwill garnered by what the public views as a great sexual or romantic relationship. Although certainly this can backfire and also it’s pretty detestable to use your love as a means to gain political capital, but that doesn’t mean politicians haven’t been doing it for years.

We have already written about 11 Biggest Political Scandals of All Time, and in this article we are going to include even more indicators than the number of affairs and discover for you the 7 most sexually active presidents in American history. In order to find the most sexually active president, we did a lot of google searches and we had identified presidents who had any affair. For each president, we discovered the number of affairs, dates, kids, and marriages. We used data from Miller Center and Who’s Dated Who.

Here is the list of 7 most sexually active presidents in American history: