7 Most Money Making Companies in the World

You probably know the names of some of the biggest, most influential companies out there but did you know that most of them are not among the 7 most money making companies in the world? You might be interested to know that while popular giants like Samsung and Apple Inc. are on the list, they are not quite where the majority of people think they are. The truth is that some of the biggest players on the market are not the loud, flashy companies which you happily welcome in your everyday life. Some of them keep a low public profile because of their little to no interaction with the public sector. Most of these companies have got to where they are now mainly by servicing or selling their products straight to other industrial giants or producing something which has reached “cult” status on the public markets like the iPhone.

This being said, you will see that a lot of the items on our list are not companies in the meaning you would expect. In today’s world everything can be a business and there is no limit to what you chose to service, sell or trade. It should be pretty clear to you that the most profitable businesses are the ones who deal with other people’s profits. From the most profitable small businesses (Tax Processing, Payroll and the like) to the most profitable giants on a worldwide scale, banking and finance take the first place in any list.

You should consider, however, just how much of your money goes to processing fees for your various reports and payrolls when all the work is more and more frequently handled by computers and other automated devices which are a lot cheaper to run than hiring human workers. We all know that you can rarely make an acceptable profit margin with honest, hard work and playing strictly by the rules. However, should a company lay low enough, it can take the shortcut to becoming successful. Be it by incredibly overhyped, overpriced products or borderline fraud, success on that scale always takes more than hard work.