7 Most Expensive Tennis Ball Machines

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As featured on e-commerce sites Amazon and eBay, and online stores Playmate, Sports Attack, Match Mate Tennis and Clarke Sports Tennis, the 7 most expensive tennis ball machines are ranked here according to their base price.

Rene Lacoste, the legendary French tennis player who co-founded the Lacoste clothing company in 1933 with compatriot Andre Gillier, was regarded as the one who also invented the tennis ball machine. Lacoste, nicknamed “the crocodile” (hence the famous logo emblazoned on his signature shirt that would later spawn a clothing empire), won 7 Grand Slam singles titles in the American, British, and French championships. He also won the Davis Cup in 1927 and 1928 as part of the French Team. He was also the Number 1 player in 1926-1927. According to reports from CNN and Prezi, this multi-talented man was also an engineer and a visionary. He devised a way for him to practice his tennis moves methodically and diligently. The “Lacoste Machine”, as his invention was called at the time, was crank powered and was operated by a person positioned on one side of the court. This person would turn a crank that would then fire a ball at each turn for a player to hit. After Lacosta’s retirement in 1930, he began mass-producing the machine that promptly became a part of the tennis history. This contraption soon became part of training for generations of tennis players to come.

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Today, these tennis ball machines have evolved drastically. They now have different capacities. They can fire tennis balls automatically at different speeds and angles. Also, they can be remotely controlled and programmable via graphical user interface. Inevitably, these features and add-ons caused the devices to became a bit pricey. The most expensive nowadays is more than $11,000 as sold by Amazon. You may also take a look at the 10 most expensive tennis balls in the world.

Here’s a list of the 7 most expensive tennis ball machines. If you feel the need to practice that backhand as often as you need or perhaps planning to start your own tennis clinic, let this list be of help and read on. Technically, all products that are listed here are available at Amazon as the site showcases the most expensive ones.

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