10 Most Expensive Tennis Balls In The World

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You will find yourself at the right place if you are looking for 10 most expensive tennis balls in the world or if you are looking for a list of ten tennis balls that professional players around the world prefer. This means that you are thinking of jumping from amateur tennis to professional tennis? Well, tennis is as much a game about choosing a perfect gear yourself as it is about perfecting your footwork and strokes. You can go to Wal-Mart to buy yourself a bag of six dozen Chinese made tennis balls for less than $30 and then sweat your life out on the court all day long but what is that going to help your game? Tennis is an extremely competitive game, so, although you might feel little difference between different tennis balls, professional tennis players will tell you how important it is to practice with the right ball and right gear. You must also take a look at our list of the 11 most expensive tennis shoes in the world.

Most Expensive Tennis Balls In The World

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As there are different horses of different courses, you must also select the tennis ball that suits the surface that you play on. There are balls for hard surfaces, clay surfaces and grass. There are pressurized balls and then there are those that they call pressureless balls.

These balls also happen to be favorite with professional tennis players and tournament organizers around the world. So, if you are planning to break into professional tennis anytime soon, you should start practicing with one of these balls.

Before you browse through our list, we must also tell you that it is compiled based on tennis balls approved by sport’s governing bodies around the world including United States Tennis Association. Manufacturers often re-brand their products to sell it in different regions so a few balls on our list might be more common in the U.S. than Europe or Australia, and vice-versa.

The list is compiled after checking with retailers around the globe so we would like to mention that volume discounts and sales are not accounted for. Due to currency conversion there is a give-and-take of a few cents but that difference is still very inconsiderable when you take a look at price per unit.

We would not further hold you back from enjoying this compilation of 10 most expensive tennis balls in the world. There you go!


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