7 Insurance Companies with Conservative Values

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If a political orientation tends to be crucial in your everyday life choices, you might be interested to find out insurance companies with conservative values.

Most of us do not think much when doing groceries, buying clothes, watching movies or washing cars where we do these things, but believe it or not, all of these companies and small businesses are intertwined in politics by one way or another. It is either that a company’s policy really relies on a specific set of values, or that a certain company is preferred by people of one political orientation.

So, it seems that the old race between Coca Cola and Pepsi is not only a matter of taste. Coca Cola is favored among conservatives, while Pepsi is preferred by liberals. However, this situation is only due to people’s own choices, and not the general companies’ policies (since they equally balance between liberal and conservative values). On the same criterion, Foodtown would be categorized as among the conservative grocery stores, while, for example, Whole Foods would be on the liberal specter, concerning consumers’ choices.

Now there are some companies that are torn between the values they hold and the actual consumers’ preference. Such is the case with Ford.  It is really difficult answering the question – is Ford a liberal company – since, the issue might be seen from two sides. First, it is the preference of customers, and it seems that Ford is among the first 10 companies favored by conservatives. But on the other hand, Ford ranks 1 (meaning it is very liberal and among left-wing companies) when it comes to the values that a company holds.

A while ago, we did similar thorough research and listed the 10 Most Conservative Companies in America, so may want to take a look at them.  You might be surprised to find some regular stores there, like Urban Outfitters, among conservative clothing companies. However, in the case of Urban Outfitters, research showed that it was preferred among liberal states, compared to, say, Ralph Lauren which was favored in the more conservative states.

In our today’s research, we wanted to be sure we are listing the insurance companies that really hold conservative values. As the most reliable source for the recommendation of insurance companies with conservative values, we consulted 2ndvote, as a place where everyone can see what kinds of values a company supports. For instance, 2ndvote ranks companies by scores ranging from 1-liberal over lean liberal, neutral (3), lean conservative to 5-conservative. The score consists of comparing some important issues such as companies’ attitudes towards the environment, immigration, education, religious liberty for instance. 2nvote call themselves true conservative watchdogs, hence we decided to completely rely on 2vote’s rankings in making the choice of conservative insurance companies.

As we have seen, things are not always black and white. If you are determined to buy conservative only you might check twice where you do this. Some companies might hold conservative values and still be popular among liberals. In any case, the situation is somewhat more clear when it comes to insurance companies and their political background. So, let’s finally see some insurance companies with conservative values.

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