7 Free LGBT Youth Dating Sites and Social Networks

If you are looking to join some free LGBT youth dating sites and social networks, you’ll want to stay with us to the end of the article.

Nowadays, most dating sites and social networks allow you to search for same-sex partners and friends from the LGBT community. But, on plenty of those sites people belonging to LGBT community don’t feel comfortable, and it is understandable why. There will be always someone who is narrow-minded and will target the person that has a different lifestyle and understanding than they. Luckily, there are lots of places on the internet where people from LGBT can hang out and discuss the things they are interested in (or find love) without being judged. That might be the dating sites or social networks that have a friendly community or sites and networks that are aimed exclusively towards the LGBT population. This is where you need to be, especially if you belong to LBGT youth category.

7 Free LGBT Youth Dating Sites and Social Networks


GLSEN’s (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) report about LGBT Youth Experience Online tells us that this population receives 3 times more bullying and harassment online compared to the non-LGBT youth.  The survey showed that LBGT persons who experienced online harassment had an increase in depression and low self-esteem. But, this shouldn’t make you quit the internet or anything like that. Those who took part in the survey also stated that the internet can be a safe place, where they can express themselves and talk to those with whom they share similarities. In case that you look for love on top of all of this, you should defiantly check our list 7 Free Dating Apps for LGBT Youth.

Now, before we start with the thing you are waiting for, let’s first cover our methodology in creating the list of free LGBT youth dating sites and social networks. We checked the recommendations from multiple sources including DailyDot, Your Tango, and Ask Men among others and featured those social networks that were highly recommended and seemed fitting for the LBGT youth. When it comes to dating sites, there is not a lot to choose from since most of the online dating transferred to smartphone. Out of the dating sites that were recommended for the LGBT population, we featured those that you will be able to use free of charge, although we don’t advise you to visit them if you are under 18. Now let’s check out the list of free LGBT youth dating sites and social networks.