7 Easy to Use Mobile Phones for the Elderly

New technology doesn’t have to be complicated, as you’ll be able to see from our list of easy to use mobile phones for the elderly.

For the younger generation, the smartphones are not complicated at all. But, this is due to fact that we take more interests in the technology at the young age and it becomes a great part of our lives. But, my grandma doesn’t want to worry about Google Play, Facebook updates and wonder will her phone have enough memory. She just wants to be able to call her friends and family. I’m sure most seniors think that way.

7 Easy to Use Mobile Phones for the Elderly


There are a couple of things that good mobile phone for seniors should include. The first thing is simplicity. It should have easy to navigate menus and give the ability to access contacts or text in 2 clicks tops. Then there is durability. As people get older, they tend to be a bit clumsier. This is why their phones should be able to survive occasional drops. One more thing that should be a part of the package is good battery life since I don’t think the elderly have the patience to charge their phones every single day. Other helpful things would be displays with large fonts, good speakers, and probably keypad. If you are searching for a touchscreen phone, then get one with large icon menus and easy accessibility option. One would think that in this smartphone era, no one produces such mobile phones, but you would be surprised. The market is quite huge since there are even some younger folks who want simplicity. In case you are here just to find a cheap phone, you may want to check out this list of Best Unlocked Smartphones Under $200.

In order to create the list of easy to use mobile phones for the elderly, I’ve turned to multiple sites for recommendations including Life Wire, Android Authority, Forbes, The Informr and Phone Arena. Since most of these phones are not interesting enough for review sites to test them out, I took the most recommended ones that were labeled as easy to use and checked the reviews from people who purchased the phones on Amazon. The ones that had the best ratings from the users entered our list of easy to use mobile phones for the elderly. Let’s check it out.