7 Easiest Lotteries to Win in the World

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Gamblers, get ready, we decided to make your life easier with this list of the easiest lotteries to win in the world!

We all know that gambling is an addictive habit, for which just one little win is necessary, and you are already hooked. It is unexpectedness mixed with a wish to be rich, what makes the ball go ’round in the roulette or the lottery, among other games. In addition, there are many successful stories that keep us in the game as well. Some of them you can find in our previous article about lottery winners who are still rich or made more money. Often thought is: “If he/she can win the jackpot, it is just the matter of time when I’ll get lucky.” Well, hear me out, that luckiness, in many cases, tends to fade very quickly or even has some worse scenarios. If you don’t believe me, try to read about worst lottery winner horror stories problems with winning the lottery. Maybe then you will appreciate your bad luck more.

Easiest Lotteries to Win in the World

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For the more stubborn ones and let’s say persistent in pursuing their luck in this manner, the advice on how to win lotto numbers, how to win the lottery by cheating, or any other lotto tricks and tips to win are more of a use. Some of the people on the Internet wrote that there are no secrets of how to win the lotto, and I must agree. But, how to increase chances of winning the lottery? To answer this question, many blogs and websites were created. People that are good at mathematics tend to calculate approximations of getting the jackpot. Some of them can be of help, others don’t, but the most interesting that we found are The Balance and MSN. Don’t get your hopes up, none of them tells how to win the lottery or what is the key to winning the lottery. But, if you’re lucky enough, maybe some tricks will work. Moreover, with this list of ours, we also cannot guarantee anything, but what is sure is that your chances are increased if you take our advice for choosing a lottery to play.

So, how we made our list? We first checked lottery websites such as the Lotto Land, The Lotter, and Gambling, to name few, out of which we took most repeated suggestions of the lotteries that are easiest to win. Then, for each suggestion, we checked the overall odds for winning a jackpot, on their own official sites and finally, ranked them in that manner. For each entry, you can find a link to their official sites by clicking on the title. There you can also see the expected jackpots and if you dig a bit more, a number of jackpots that are won! And by clicking on the Next, you can start reading about the easiest lotteries to win in the world. Good luck!

7. Powerball Lotto

Overall winning odds: 1:24.87

This American lottery game is offered by 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. It is also coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), which is a nonprofit organization formed by an agreement with the US lotteries. Grand Prize is $1,000,000. Dare to try?

Easiest Lotteries to Win in the World


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