7 Easiest Debussy Preludes and Piano Pieces

Flex your piano fingers with these 7 easiest Debussy preludes and piano pieces. Claude Debussy is one of the greatest pianists of all time and one of the most prominent composers connected with Impressionism. His pieces are what most piano players hope to master and many of them attempt to study his unique style at large.

Debussy is best known for his usage of non-traditional scales like pentatonic scales and whole tone scales which had been out of the norm in classical music. He also used several avant-garde elements like bitonality and atonality, parallel chords and labyrinthine modulations in his music that sets his compositions apart from most of his contemporaries.

Popova Valeriya/Shutterstock.com

Popova Valeriya/Shutterstock.com

Mastering a Debussy tone has a lot to do with sensory elements and most of his pieces are extremely complex to play perfectly. But, we checked through piano lesson sites and took recommendations from several players to select the few pieces which are among his uncomplicated work and easier for beginner to intermediate players to master, and we ranked them according to their level of difficulty. Some of these pieces are of his Children’s Corner Suite that Claude Debussy had dedicated to his daughter Claude-Emma and published in 1908. Others are preludes from his two books of preludes that feature 24 pieces in all

For fairly new instrument players it is always recommended to start out with easier pieces to build confidence and speed. Here is a look at the 10 Easiest Acoustic Guitar Songs to Play for new guitar players before we proceed to the easiest Debussy preludes and piano pieces.