7 Easiest Citizenships to Get in Europe

Probably all of us sometimes think about moving abroad, and though that idea is not always easy to realize, there are some countries very open and convenient for foreigners, which is why we bring you the list of 7 easiest citizenships to get in Europe.

It is not always simple to move abroad, and though there are maybe some job opportunities, chances to study, or develop oneself in any other way, the notion of not belonging to one country in terms of owning the passport and all of the rights as a legal citizen bother us and prevent us from doing it eventually. However, some countries will be quite easy to deal with, especially in terms of getting citizenship, and if you are one of those people who would like to get the new one, but also keep the citizenship of their own country, you should check the list of 7 Easiest Countries to Get Dual Citizenship.

7 Easiest Citizenships to Get in Europe


If one of your parents is a foreign citizen, this is probably the easiest way to get the citizenship of that country. However, the great thing is that you do not need to have family connections in order to get the citizenship in Europe. Since we wanted to give you the most relevant information in terms of what are the requirements to apply for one country’s citizenship, how long you need to stay there in order to be eligible, or whether marriage, job or studies are always the solutions for becoming a citizen, we took into consideration all of the European countries, not only those that are the members of EU. On the other side, we are aware that exactly the member states are the most wanted ones because when you get the citizenship of any of these countries, that gives you the majority of rights and privileges in any other EU state as well.

Requirements in terms of the years that you need to spend in one country are taken as the main tool to make the proper classification, but the types of citizenships such as those based on education, marriage to a citizen or a job experience are taken into consideration as well. Web sites such as Quora and Nomad Capitalist were very much helpful in making this list, but some things that we found at Investopedia also served a great deal.

So, if you are one of those people who think about moving to one of the European countries, let us give you the details about the 7 easiest citizenships to get in Europe.