7 Easiest Cheapest Laminate Flooring To Install Yourself

If you want to avoid paying someone for labor costs and you’d rather do all the work alone, check out the easiest cheapest laminate flooring to install yourself.

There are no two places I hate more on this earth than Lowe’s and Home Depot. I appreciate the sentiment of these places, as it’s convenient to have all tools and hardware in the same place for people to do projects in their homes, but I hate the smell of wood and it’s too overwhelming to go in there to find anything. My dad used to drag me in there when I was a kid and it was always a miserable experience. I’m not great with tools and I can hardly build up my self esteem, let alone a shed in the backyard, so the whole DIY situation was never really something I was interested in. I probably wouldn’t have a great time with any of the easiest and quickest DIY projects for your home.

Lukiyanova Natalia frenta/Shutterstock.com

Lukiyanova Natalia frenta/Shutterstock.com

Laminate flooring is basically just synthetic flooring that simulates wood or stone that’s cheaper than using those actual materials. It’s a bunch of layers of product laminated together. It’s actually a lot more pragmatic if you tend to spill things on your floor, and, as said before, it’s cheaper and quite easy to install if you want to do it yourself. Chances are, if you’ve been in anyone’s home before you’ve seen laminate flooring. It’s incredibly popular and it looks quite nice. The installation is also quick and easy, as there are no nails or glue needed. It’s an easy click into place process.

In order to create this list of easiest cheapest laminate flooring to install yourself, we checked out Lumber Liquidators, which has a wide range of types of laminate flooring among others. We took a look at their top picks and then ranked them by the price. The cheapest flooring is at the top of the list, while the most expensive is closer to the bottom.

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