7 Easiest Bones to Break Safely and Painlessly

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Whether the curiosity or some weird intention brought you here, we will consider some of the easiest bones to break safely and painlessly. At least we worry about your safety.

There are 206 bones in the body of a grown-up human. We are born with 270 of them, but during the time we grow up, bones fuse and become more compact, reaching the highest density at the age of around 30 years. That is why bones in children (and elderly) break so easily and sometimes without even realizing it. Some of you might relate to this.

Easiest Bones to Break Safely and Painlessly


Now, let’s be honest here. No bone will break painlessly. Thus before you proceed to whatever your intentions are concerning your bones, make sure you have in mind the 6 Easiest Ways to Get Prescribed Pain Pills. So, yea, it is not that much on how painful will it be to break a bone but how fast will it heal and with which consequences. Although there are many examples of people breaking the bone not even realizing it (even the bones that would usually hurt, like ribs for example) breaking a bone is a very painful thing, since bones are the main support for the musculature and internal organs.

So, to summarize, some of the easiest bones to break safely and painlessly (compared to the rest) are the smallest, peripheral ones easily mobilized. So if you are having doubts thinking how to break your knuckle without pain or, say, how to break an arm in my bedroom, knuckle would probably be a better choice.

There are many ways how to purposely break a bone. Moreover, there are also the best ways to break your arm, but here we will not give ideas, because we have already discussed this topic, so you can check out the 6 Easiest Ways to Break Your Finger, Hand, or Wrist with Little Pain.

Our research included the questions such as which is least painful bone to break, which is the easiest bone to break yourself, the easiest bone to break in your foot and what are the safe ways to do this. As guessed, we did not get much information from the professionals (i.e., doctors), but rather from people with similar ideas and experiences. That is why we relied on the answers from forums such as Quora, Reddit or Yahoo Answers.

Don’t try this at home! Or, well, since you are here you probably will, so let’s see which the easiest bones to break safely and painlessly are:

7. Clavicle

Clavicle or the collarbone is one of the most frequently broken bones. Especially in children, while in adults it represents the 5% of all bone fractures. It is usually broken by twisting the shoulder or falling. The proper healing would include immobilization of the shoulder followed by physical therapy afterward.

Easiest Bones to Break Safely and Painlessly

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