7 Cheapest Cities to Live in Asia

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The cheapest cities to live in Asia are not just some remote testaments to human civilization, they are absolutely as pleasant and full of opportunities as many of their significantly more expensive counterparts. Found in the 10 cheapest countries to live in Asia, these cities are a viable option for someone looking to settle down for a while during a very long trip as well as people who want to experience life in a way they have never before. Some of these cheapest cities are also a very attractive option for the ones who wish to experience living in another part of the world after their retirement. With prices like the ones that can be found there, a moderate amount of savings can give you a great period of carelessness. No matter whether you plan to stay or leave, getting by for a while in these places should prove easy enough, especially if you come from a western country or have a job that pays enough.

Cheapest Cities to Live in Asia

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While a lot of the countries in Asia are notorious for their low cost of living compared to the rest of the world, some of the modern metropolitan areas on the continent are becoming more and more expensive. Even the less luxurious and more detached living places experience an increase in their value since the demand for housing rises as the larger countries of continent gets more and more densely populated. It is also worth to keep in mind that these places might seem dirt cheap to an outsider but to the locals who usually have to work long hours for an inadequate sum the prices may seem higher. Of course, there are numerous other factors at play when determining the price of a certain commodity so a lot can be said about each of these cheap destinations as far as the reason for them being that low-priced is concerned.

However cheap they may be, though, being granted the rights to settle for more than a couple of months or a year in some of these destinations might prove tough due to needing a visa and other forms of legislation, the acquisition of which might prove to be difficult to some people. Even so, whether for a couple of months or for a couple of years, these cities are welcoming as far as getting by is concerned and for some of the slightly wealthier people it could be a breeze to suddenly find themselves being upper class in one of these cities. Let’s take a look at these budget-friendly places, ranked by the speculated minimal rent you would be expected to pay in these locations.

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