7 Best Universities in The World for Psychology

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Today we bring you a list for the 7 best universities in the world for psychology, for those of you that are still wondering what the best schools are if when you have the psychology bug’s itch. The ranking is based on the latest research that shows not only the campus areas and surroundings, but rather focuses on the pensum material and postgraduate opportunities.

This time we wanted to focus our attention on delivering our readers with the best, latest information about choosing the best university for studying psychology around the world, and to show the top countries for doing so. However, we would like to include a South American country in the countdown, even if it is not in the 7 best universities in the world for psychology current listings.

Top universities for studying psychology in Asia and Australia will also be included on the list, because our main goal is to give you, our reader, a better understanding and knowledge of the best psychology universities around the globe and not just in Europe and the United States.


According to recent polls, psychology is one of the most studied careers today, and the numbers are growing fast. Experts believe there will be an uprise for those numbers in the next few years. However, the 7 best universities in the world for psychology are located in the United States of America and the United Kingdom alone, which leads us to believe that more and more students each year come from other continents to participate in the top education these universities can deliver. This is why we will begin our countdown with the best universities for psychology abroad.

We used various sources for the investigation process for making this countdown, although the main source was the QS World University Ranking by Top Universities. All things considered, let us begin our countdown to the 7 best universities in the world for psychology:

7. Catholic University of Chile (UC)

Located in the city of Santiago de Chile, this prestigious house of studies ranks as the best university for studying psychology in South America, and is also ranked among the best in the world for several other studies. At the psychology faculty of the Catholic University of Chile, the student will find a suitable campus surrounded by nature in one of the top countries in security matters in Latin America.


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