7 Best Places To Visit in Myanmar Before You Die

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There are many incredible places to visit in Myanmar before you die. Their doors have recently opened more to the outside world, and you will be welcomed by curious locals who are friendly and interested in your presence. The country is still developing, but coming here now will give you insight to its more authentic culture rather than it being too tainted later down the years.

Overall the country is very safe, but there are still some civil issues, so checking to make sure everything is calm prior to departing is necessary, but the places on this list are quite popular and rarely pose any danger. Just take your everyday precautions.


As far as the country and what it has to offer, its stunning beauty will captivate all visitors. Getting the opportunity to explore ancient cities will be humbling. The architecture and structures that flank the mountainside or sit on extinct volcanoes are quite incredible. More nature can be enjoyed by chilling alongside a gorgeous lake, or get a bit of luxury in at the excellent beach resort city.

Just like there are plenty of surreal places to visit in China before you die, you can bet there are plenty of awesome spots here too. Don’t let its unpopularity fool you. In fact, it should only drive you here sooner. So without further delay, let’s check out the best places to visit in Myanmar before you die, we guarantee you add a few more!

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