7 Best Places To Visit in Bangladesh Before You Die

Despite being a small country, there are still some great places to visit in Bangladesh before you die. There are a few notable locations that boast highly revered sites or shrines that are still visited today by people on pilgrimages to seek out spiritual guidance. You can see these spots and admire them as well as post up for a day wandering their grounds, enjoying a picnic, and visiting a museum.

There are some great spots out in nature as well, I hope you’re ready for adventure. Most of the places to go here in Bangladesh are not for the impatient or prissy. It will take longer and it won’t really be easy. But will it be worth it? Totally. The remote locations will bring you impressive views and seemingly untouched nature. You will run into charming villages where locals go about their daily life in the simplest of forms. Experience this true and real lifestyle and see their trades and skills.

Jorg Hackemann/Shutterstock.com

Jorg Hackemann/Shutterstock.com

Bangladesh, as was mentioned, is not the easiest of places to get around, but the locals are friendly and welcoming, so just use your everyday caution. Check the current situation before departing and use common sense. You will enjoy your trip so much, you might want to explore the other incredible countries in the area, India isn’t far, Nepal is a hop skip and jump over, and there’s are plenty of places to visit in Sri Lanka before you die, too.

So with that said, try checking out this underrated country if you’re an adventurous person wanting to check out a destination that isn’t too mainstream yet. Let’s delve into the best places to visit in Bangladesh before you die.