7 Best Places to Retire in Connecticut

7. Tolland

Score: 15

Median home price: $220,600

Cost of living index: 121.3

Average commute time: 25.36

Crime rate: 28

Doctors per 100K: 131

In the northeastern area of Connecticut, you’ll find Tolland County, home to over 152,000 people. The county’s area is 417 square miles which are divided into thirteen towns, out of which Vernon is the largest. It is the smallest county in the state by area and with a density of 372 people per square mile, it may seem like it’s a bit crowded. Six of the towns in Tolland, however, have under 10,000 residents, so you shouldn’t worry too much if you’re looking for a bit more privacy and air to breathe – there are plenty of corners to choose from.

The county has plenty of bodies of water peppering the land so if you’re into any kind of water sports, you should be able to find something to fit you, even if that means spending your mornings with a fishing rod in your hands trying to catch something.

The median home price in Tolland County is $220,600 while the cost of living index is 121.3, which is a bit high, but that seems to be the norm around Connecticut. The crime rate is quite low, namely 28, with 1 being the lowest (and safest). There are 131 doctors per 100,000 people in Tolland County in case you’re in need of healthcare.

Best Places to Retire in Connecticut