7 Best Medical Documentaries on Amazon Prime

You don’t have to be into medicine to enjoy any of the items on our list of the 7 best medical documentaries on Amazon Prime. It is a fascinating science that has a great effect on our lives and it is always good to know more about it.

Now, medicine and the way it is practiced have changed over time, but it always had the same goal in mind. That goal is to make people healthier and help them overcome diseases. Although today we have the most advanced medical knowledge ever, it looks like we appreciate medicine less. This is mostly because of the current system that doesn’t give people what they need. For me, medical care shouldn’t be a privilege, but a right of every human. Unfortunately, quality medical care is starting to become harder to obtain for common people. Also, the medical system is filled with flaws. Lots of documentary movies are examining this question and some of them are featured on our list.

7 Best Medical Documentaries on Amazon Prime


One more thing that is causing people to distrust medicine is the false information they are receiving. Take vaccinations for example and the fact that many people think they cause autism. There hasn’t been any scientific evidence for these claims, or any proof, but people still somehow choose to believe it. Then there are conspiracy theories that claim pharmaceutical companies are hiding the cures for diseases in order to profit. Also, there are more people who are turning to alternative methods of treating diseases because they have lost faith in contemporary medicine. The problem is that many of those methods are not efficient and people just end up in worse shape, to the point that even conventional medicine can no longer help them. If you like to base your opinions on science and real evidence, make sure you check out our list of the 10 Best Science Documentaries on Amazon Prime. Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)‘s streaming video service is now available in more than 200 countries, though we can’t vouch for the selection of documentaries on the service outside of the U.S.

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To get our list of the 7 best medical documentaries on Amazon Prime, we searched through documentary titles that are available to stream for Amazon Prime subscribers and identified titles that are related to medicine. We then ranked those titles based on their Amazon Rating and the number of users that rated them (those with 5 or fewer ratings did not qualify). The results are compiled in the following list, which begins on the next page.