7 Best Art Investments Under $1000

If you want to be fancy and start an art collection, you might be interested in the best art investments under $1000.

Art is a really wide category and encompasses a large variety of things. When people think of art initially, I’m sure they think of paintings and sculptures, which are kind of the classical definition of art. It does, however, include so much more. There are some people that take art collection very seriously and want to have collections worth thousands or even millions of dollars. I think it asserts some type of social dominance. My friend has a collection of vinyl that I think is worth a few thousand dollars. Collectors are serious about their hobbies. A lot of her collection consists of limited edition copies and special colored vinyl, which means it’s truly an investment because the resale value is quite high.

7 Best Art Investments Under $1000


If you’re just starting to dabble in art collecting or investing, you should probably start quite small. That’s my general logic when it comes to starting something new because if you change your mind then you haven’t lost too much. Investing well is truly a skill and you have to be conscious of how value changes over time and how valuable certain items are after purchase. If you have some investments to sell, you should check out the types of art that sell best online.

In order to create this list of best art investments under $1000 we used BizMove, Fin24, and Bloomberg for some suggestions. There’s no particular order here since it’s all up to preference whether or not something is going to be a good investment. Some might be a great investment immediately, while others may take time to increase in value, so that’s also something you should keep in mind.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best art investments under $1000.