16 Best Selling Video Games in 2015

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These 16 best-selling video games in 2015 are drastically different from the year before. Each year video games showcase how far technology has gone. The advancements in recent years have displayed the power and difference video games have now compared to the previous generations. Despite these advancements there are some titles that still retain a lot of popularity for gamers around the world. Some of the titles listed here are from successful and established franchises. This list though may have the tendency to change in the coming months with new releases coming in. We’re only halfway through the year, but the best-selling video games so far are listed here.

There have been a few revolutionary games in the market that sold so well that it inspired sequels, prequels, communities and even spin-offs. The popularity of the 10 Best Selling Video Games of All Time has inspired people to become part of video game companies. It has also motivated a lot of other companies to try their hand at making video games. It is a tough and competitive market now and one can never really tell how the community will react towards a new release. The current community of critics and gamers have been known to be tough at times.

The games listed here are based on how much they’ve sold so far this year. This list does not include sales of years past. Any future releases this year can also easily affect rankings on this list. Let’s go ahead and learn more about these 16 best selling video games in 2015:

16. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Square Enix has been known to change a lot of things with each new release of their acclaimed Final Fantasy series. It is one of the very few game franchises known that has been changing characters and stories with each iteration and still receives a good amount of popularity. Type-0 displays a lot of different elements that relate to different inspirations most notably Anime. One of the reasons that type-0 has been receiving a lot of sales is due to the access to the demo of Final Fantasy XV.

Best Selling Videogames in 2015


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