6 Smartphones with Temperature Sensors

With these 6 smartphones with temperature sensors, you will be able to know the exact temperature in every moment. Just reach into your pocket and there you have it.

First of all, we have to differentiate temperature sensors that measure the inner temperature of the components in smartphones and temperature sensors that measure the environmental temperature. Almost all smartphones currently available on the market have built-in temperature sensors for measuring the temperature of the components such as CPU and battery. On the other hand, there is a handful of smartphones that have built-in temperature sensors for reading the environmental temperature. The later ones are the focus of our article. If the temperature sensor isn’t something your smartphone has to have but the large screen is, check out our list of 8 smartphones with the largest screens.

6 Smartphones with Temperature Sensors

Kamil Macniak/Shutterstock.com

For those who don’t have a smartphone capable of reading the environmental temperature, there are some things that can make this possible. Firstly, there are plug-in and Bluetooth temperature sensors that can be separately bought and sync with your smartphone. Secondly, there are numerous apps that are advertised with the possibility to give your smartphone ability to read the environmental temperature. You should know that these apps take the data from temperature sensors for measuring CPU and Battery temperature and display that data. If your phone doesn’t have a temperature sensor built in, no app can magically make it possible.

Most of you are probably asking yourself if smartphones are so advanced, why don’t they all have temperature sensors? The issue here is that temperature sensors have to be perfectly positioned so the temperature of components (that can be often high) doesn’t affect the reading of environmental temperature. There are also some instructions that need to be followed like cooling off your smartphone and not hold the smartphone in your hand.

Ok, we know you came here just to find out which phones made it on our list of 6 smartphones with temperature sensors. We used data from GSM Arena, Open Signal, and many other sites checking all the phones that are listed to have temperature sensors for environmental temperature. We tried to include different manufacturers and different models on our list. Let’s take a look!