6 Serious Crimes That Police Officers Can Get Away With

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Knowing that there are 6 serious crimes that police officers can get away with will surely give any citizen a great concern when it comes to safety.

Police officers are the main barrier between the crime and well-being of the common people. They should be the ones protecting the people from crime and available for help, since that’s what they are paid for. Unfortunately, there are always some exceptions.

The news about police brutality has been swamping the media lately. Some members of police forces started abusing their power and use force even when they shouldn’t have. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Police officers can use their job to get away with some serious crimes. It seems that equality before the law doesn’t apply to them and that those who are supposed to enforce it are “more equal” than the rest of us. As if we don’t have enough crimes already, especially in states that have highest domestic violence rates in America,

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When a police officer acts as an abuser, his partner doesn’t have much space for seeking justice. Police officers usually enjoy a respectable reputation in their communities, and it is always unlikely that people will believe that such authority has done something wrong.

There is more. If police officers are accused of breaking the law, they often continue with doing their job like nothing even happened. Then, they delay going to court; the investigation is slow and at the end, a very small percent of cases ends with a conviction. In the rare cases, when the police officer gets suspended for breaking the law, it’s usually because of the media pressure.

To find the 6 serious crimes that police officers can get away with, we used a research done by New York Times. They investigated the cases where police officers were accused of breaking the law but kept their job, getting away with the crime. The research showed the most common serious crimes police officers got away with.

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