6 Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Harmful

There’s no doubt that electronic cigarettes are popular nowadays, but people who use them are concerned whether they are safe or not, so we have made our list to raise awareness of 6 reasons why electronic cigarettes are harmful. If you’re a smoker, you already know which are 11 top selling cigarettes in the world but you have also probably wondered are e-cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes.

On October 27th, 21-year-old Evan Spahlinger was found on the floor after his electronic cigarette blew up in his face and he is now in very critical condition. Doctors had to place him in a coma to reduce pain, because his face and neck were burned. People are now aware that this can easily happen to them and they want to know all about safety and health issues of e-cigarettes.

Diego Cervo/Shutterstock.com

Diego Cervo/Shutterstock.com

Few days we could also read in the newspapers about 33-year-old Richard Country who was smoking his electronic cigarette and suddenly stopped breathing. He was immediately sent to the hospital. Doctors realized that e-cigarette stopped turning liquid into vapor during Richard’s smoking. Richard swallowed the liquid which caused his cough, heavy breathing and in his own words “It felt like I’d got a trapped nerve in my shoulder!”

This is not a rare example of electronic cigarette explosion or not turning liquid into vapor, so that’s why safety is also among 6 Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Harmful: