6 Easiest Ivy League MBAs to Get Into

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Everyone wants to get into an Ivy League college – to make their parents proud and to ensure a brighter future, so if you are one of them, you will love our list of 6 easiest Ivy League MBAs to get into.

The word ‘Ivy League’ refers to the athletic conference of sports groups from eight prestigious private universities. But that name also refers to the group of universities beyond the sports context. The eight members of Ivy League are Brown University, Cornell University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. Getting into one of those is not an easy task. The term Ivy League portray social ideology and educational excellence. It was first introduced in 1933, but it was officially established in 1954. Just try a Google search on the origin of Ivy League universities, and you’d be inundated with numerous theories regarding the origin of the term. The word ivy in “ivy league” comes from the ivy growing on the walls of the schools’ buildings (yes, go ahead and look into the buildings in Google images). Another theory is that there was an athletic association of four big colleges, that was mentioned as IV in Roman numerals. These were Columbia, Harvard University, Princeton University and Yale University. Later on, four new colleges joined them, and then they became the Ivy League. They are all situated in Northeast of USA, and all of them are in private owned institutes. Also, all ivy league graduate school acceptance rates are very low, which is something you should know if you are wondering how to get into an Ivy League school with average grades.

Easiest Ivy League MBAs to Get Into

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The admission method is extremely selective, and for several who get into one of these universities, it’s a matter of pride and celebration as not everybody will get through. So, naturally, most of the stories of those who went to Ivy League schools are special. Among the big eight, Cornell is, apparently, the easiest ivy league university to get into. It’s also the easiest ivy league to get into for engineering. But if you are looking for a career in economics, these top 7 Ivy League colleges for economics are among the most prestigious economics schools in the world. When it comes to masters in Business, only six universities on this list have a business school. Brown and Princeton Universities are the only ones that don’t have a business school in their portfolio. If you’re interested to build a career in the finance industry, you can’t go wrong with one of the top 7 Ivy League colleges for finance. The dominant position of the Ivy League B-schools in university rankings is a proof of their popularity. However, only the best students have the opportunity to attend these top schools. So, when we say the best, it refers to those who aren’t only at the highest of their game with their GPA and GMAT scores but conjointly portray a picture-perfect image of theirs. There is no pretense, it’s ultimately the real you out there once you meet the admission committee. So, if you are wondering how to get into an ivy league graduate school, you should know that all Ivy League universities have the name of being terribly choosy in terms of their student pool. The question is, is it hard to get into ivy league schools? Yes, securing an admission here would be extremely tough obviously, but at a similar time, all these universities also compete with each other once it comes to attracting the extremely qualified students.

So, if you are looking for the easiest ivy league school to transfer into, you should continue reading our article along with the list we have created. We also provided the basic information as well as acceptance rates for Ivy League universities and business schools. To collect the information, we have visited many online based student forums along with Quora. Then we went through the U.S. News & World Report to get the exact report when it comes to the acceptance rates. We ranked the 6 colleges into the order by their acceptance rate. Here is the list of 6 easiest Ivy League MBAs to get into.

6. Harvard Business School (Harvard University)

Acceptance rate: 10.7%

Tuition per year: $63,675

We start our list of 6 easiest Ivy League MBAs to get into with Harvard University. It was founded in 1636 in Massachusetts. In 2017, this university received 39,041 applications, and 2,037 applications were accepted. If you are into experiential learning and gaining knowledge through the case method with true-to-life problems you have to solve, then go ahead a try your luck at Harvard Business School. Moreover, more than 79 percent of graduates of the MBA program are employed.

Easiest Ivy League MBAs to Get Into

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