6 Easiest Bones to Break in Your Body

For people who belong to professions such as athletics, action sports, physical training, martial arts, field work or other physical work, this list of 6 easiest bones to break in your body will help them improve their knowledge about their body. Even, if you don’t belong to any of these professions, you don’t have to do too much to get a bone fracture, because some bones in your body can be broken with a minor road accident, a funny fight or slip on the floor.

Everyone knows we have 206 bones in our body. But, only few of the people understand how strong they are. In fact, a human body is the most complex network of bones, veins and nerves. Take a look at your hand. The four fingers, a thumb and a wrist are made up of 27 bones. Similarly, your foot comprises of 26 bones. Only your hands and feet make up about 50% of the whole bone-count in your body.



After reading this post on easiest bones to break, you’ll be surprised to see how our vital body organs can be dislocated so easily and make us vulnerable in seconds. Insider Monkey compiled the list of 6 easiest bones to break in your body, on the basis of frequency of occurrence and our inability to prevent them.

Another rating factor is the frequency of utilizing certain body parts and the functionality of the bone. If easy-to-break bones are used too frequently, there are higher chances of them to be broken. Furthermore, bone structure and size also make them easier or not-so-easier to break. This factor was also considered while preparing the list.

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